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Calm | A bio-fermented elixir (500ml)

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Calm is a bio-fermented elixir, packed full of antioxidant-rich goji berries and stress-modulating ashwagandha, rhodiola, passionflower and lemon balm.

Swapping your favourite tipple for a delicious glass of Calm restores wellbeing, replacing ‘fight or flight’ with a calming ‘rest and digest’ response. Calm contains prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. Your gut will thank you.

Made in Australia from imported and local ingredients.

Ingredients: Rhodiola rosea root, Passionflower, Ashwagandha root, Lemon balm herb, Withania somnifera root, Curcuma longa rhizome, Elderberry fruit juice, Goji berry juice powder, fermented papaya juice.

Calm is a wild ferment that uses Lactobacillusssp, Bifdobacterium ssp and Sacharomyces ssp as its starter strains.

No artificial preservatives, non-GMO, no gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts, colourants, stabilisers or food acids added. FODMAP friendly. Vegan.

Serving size: 15ml in 200ml water. Add to chilled or sparkling water.


Do not use licorice if you are taking warfarin or blood thinners, oestrogen medication, medication to address potassium levels or medication for kidney or liver disease, check with your health care provider before using licorice.

Licorice root has been shown to interact with several medications, including

  • blood pressure medications
  • blood thinners
  • cholesterol lowering medications, including statins
  • diuretics
  • oestrogen-based contraceptives
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Individuals with high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, or low potassium levels are encouraged to avoid glycyrrhizin-containing licorice products altogether.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women, and those with kidney disease, heart disease, or high blood pressure should avoid licorice products.

People with any of these concerns or taking any of these medications should avoid licorice root products unless their healthcare provider instructs otherwise.