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Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF30

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Lightweight Priming Corrector with SPF30. Powered by patented EnviroScreen Technology, this hydrating, antioxidant-rich mineral formula provides complete protection from environmental aggressors in a weightless texture that blends in sheer, for a natural bare-faced finish.


  • Broad Spectrum SPF30
  • Lightweight invisible coverage
  • Universal Tint
  • Hydrating, antioxidant rich formula
  • Hypoallergenic

Key Ingredients:

Zinc Oxide | 12%

Lipochroman® and InfraGuard | High grade antioxidants

Vital ET™ | Bio-available Vitamin E provides antioxidant support while helping soothe redness related to environmental and mechanical factors

Phytomoist | Provides hydration and improves overall suppleness of skin. (4x more hydrating than hyaluronic acid)

Niacinamide | Also known as Vitamin B3, it helps soothe, protect and support the skin barrier

Bisabolol (chamomile extract) | A soothing agent derived from chamomile oil that helps to calm and condition the skin

Iron Oxides | Helps protect skin from damage; also, a cosmetic colorant

Suitable for:

All skin types


Apply liberally to a moisturised face, ensuring even coverage, as the first step in your makeup application. Avoid contact with eyes.